My Upcoming Collection of Short Fantasy Stories

It’s been a long road, but I am getting close to self-publishing my first collection of short fantasy stories. Originally it was going to be entitled Magic in Every Corner, until I found that name was already taken. Then I thought of Enchantment All Around. However, my illustrator felt that the best title was one from one of my short stories entitled A Treasure Greater. Hence my collection will be entitled A Treasure Greater and Other Short Stories.

These stories will deal in both epic and urban fantasy. The stories included are

  1. A Brush with Reality: The story a magician’s apprentice who gets trapped in great works of art.
  2. Twilight of the Gods: An age in which humankind turns to science and the gods have to deal with their impending doom.
  3. For One Day: A divorced man struggling with finances is given the opportunity by a fortune teller to have one wish of his come true for a full day.
  4. Fire of my Father: A cowardly young girl must receiver her own vision quest from her father.
  5. Blue Bird in the Stain Glass Window: A lonely priest living by himself in a monastery up in the Swiss Alps must face his past.
  6. A Treasure Greater: A slave in a kingdom full of riches and treasures finds a true treasure through the Goddess.

Two of these short stories, Twilight of the Gods and For One Day can be read on my profile at

As I’ve written these short stories I have noticed some common themes. Such themes include the loss of loved ones and being able to move boldly into the future. Other themes include the importance of the mythopoeic mind in the cold face of reason. I wonder what other common themes I have running through them which I am oblivious to, but that the reader may recognize.

Writing these stories has been a challenge, and I’m still not done with the editing process. However, I have made much headway after many sleepless nights.

Below is the cover illustration, without the title and my name inserted yet. This illustration was done lovingly by the most brilliant and talented Rowan Trea Mccarty. From the style of the illustrtion, the reader can see that we chose a timeless late 19th early 20th century art nouveau sort of style. I feel that the illustration presents a timeless quality.


So, what do you all think?

To those who want a sneak peak by reading Twilight of the Gods and For One Day, they can be read here.

A Treasure Greater and Other Short Stories should be available for purchase in both traditional and e-book format by January of 2018.

(C) Jonathan Scott Griffin


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