Late Thanksgiving Writer Ruminations


Turkey leg from Wikimedia Commons, copyright by D Sharon Pruitt.

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and yet I still feel inspired to write this post. Maybe because I’ve had to try extra hard to be thankful. Being a struggling writer isn’t an easy thing. As I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, it’s often lonely. Many of my friends who said they would support me in my writing haven’t, thus casting a cloud of gloom over me to the point there are days I just don’t want to get out of bed. Sometimes it feels hopeless, like no matter what I do I’ll just die in an obscure grave. However, I am thankful for those who have supported me. Likewise, while my blog may not be read by over hundreds or thousands of people, I am grateful for the few readers who love my work and who encourage me. Thank you. I am grateful. Likewise I am grateful for long nights of editing, the constant rewriting, and what seems like a never ending process of my work. I am grateful for rejection slips and rejection in general because it means that I am living. I’m thankful, in a sad sort of way,  that I’m still working in a day job full of ungrateful customers and coworkers who don’t care about reading and all the doors it can open to the world around them, even if it means holding onto my sanity. I am thankful to be living this life of a writer. It may be one constant struggle as I hike my way up the rugged and unforgiving mountain up to the pinnacle of success, but it’s one well worth it.

To my fellow novelists, poets, and short story writers, don’t give up. I know that there are days in which it all seems hopeless. You write to deliver your voice, your vision, your wonderful world of fresh ideas and new adventures to the masses, only to feel like you are delivering a message in an echo chamber. But be thankful you have the gift to write. Be thankful that you do something that gives you joy. Above all, don’t shrug off the mantle, as heavy as it may feel sometimes. Persevere. You were made to write.

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3 thoughts on “Late Thanksgiving Writer Ruminations

  1. You’ve got the right attitude, Jonathan! No matter what, you’ve got to keep writing. Sticking with it and perseverance will take you farther than simply having lots of talent but no willpower.

    Write about the things you love, and then love your writing enough to edit and revise it until it’s the best it will be. 🙂

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  2. Writing can be second nature to some while for others it’s a struggle. Indeed beauty is in the eye of the beholder and more and more these days, what will sell. Often the good, the excellent, the “perfection” of the craft can be overlooked by ok, let’s be honest, greed, what they (the powers that be) believe will make them the most money. I’m hoping that the literary world isn’t as touched by this debauchery as the rest of the world is. You’ll get there!

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