A Message in a Frame: Finding Meaning in Art

I have loved art for a long time. Plato called art a vile deception, declaring that it was a copy of another copy, being even further removed from the good, the most perfect of forms. However, what if art is a portal, helping artists show the world what the noumenal reality is? I confess that what I am stating is in the realms of metaphysics, but still fun to think about.

The point is, art inspires me. It always has. It takes my mind to new possibilities and transcends my mind to new worlds. It helps me with my writing, and I would say that certain artists have been just as much of an influence on me as certain writers.

So, what better way to show my love for art than starting my own posts on Medium about it. I have entitled my publication Reflections in the Portrait because we can all see ourselves, discovering our desires and human nature, in art.

My first post is about Impressionism. Give it a read and see what you think. And if you like it, I ask for two small favors that will help me immensely. First, follow me. That way you can see read my upcoming posts about art. Second, there is an icon button of a pair of hands clapping. Click on the “clap” icon as much as you wish. If you think my writing is worth one clap then it’s worth one clap, if two claps then it’s worth two claps, if it’s five then five, ten then ten, twenty or more then twenty or more. If you think my writing isn’t worth any claps that’s fine, too.

I invite you all to check out Reflections in the Portrait. Thank you.

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One thought on “A Message in a Frame: Finding Meaning in Art

  1. Jonathan – I loved what you wrote, but Medium presents login difficulties at times. Best, Lisa

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