Savoring little victories.

Yesterday I finished and posted an article on Medium about an obscure Mac game that I loved as a child. What I didn’t expect was Medium to highlight it in their curator program. What does it mean to be selected by the staff? I’ll let the staff at Medium explain.



Okay. Maybe this may not seem like an absolute big deal. It’s not a publishing firm writing back to me that they’ll publish my novel. It’s not like I have even published a novel in which I’m earning millions of dollars. No. Nothing that grand. This is a small victory.

And yet, do small victories not feel like huge victories at times? For us writers, it can be a boost that our work has potential. It can be that one little, gentle nudge that encourages us to keep on writing, no matter how difficult and insurmountable it seems with the odds stacked up against us like Mt. Everest. It’s this little bit of acknowledgment that gives us the fuel to go further distances. It’s hard to put into words exactly how important support for a writer is. If non-writers are reading this, remember to support your writing friends, even if you are giving constructive criticism.


Image from Disney’s Princess and the Frog. Giphy.

What’s more surprising is that I don’t think it’s my best article. I feel like I have written better. On top of that, a friend pointed out that my published article had spelling and grammatical errors, which I went back and corrected. Nonetheless, my article was still chosen. I still can’t believe it.

Is this a little victory? Yes. But it’s a little victory that I’m grateful for. What are little victories you are thankful for as a writer?

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